Why We Love Backup Brand Ambassadors

Onsite backup jobs are rarely a coveted role.

A backup shift means you are on “stand by” for the full shift. If someone no shows, you have to be ready and available to jump in and do the job of the person who didn’t come into work. If the team is full, you go home with a few bucks but don’t make the $$$ that the rest of the team is earning. It’s never a guarantee what will happen and for this reason, many seasoned event staff opt to pass on these positions.

These roles can be tough to book at times, so we want to give you a few reasons why we really REALLY love our backups!

Oxford Marketing Brand Ambassadors in Indianapolis

We use our onsite backups often – and not just for no shows.

Did you know that sometimes our clients request additional staff to work last minute? Backups aren’t just for no shows! Even though there is never a guarantee for a full shift, there’s always a good possibility that we’ll need you.

Being an onsite backup is a great way to “get started” with our agency.

When a team is fully booked and you’ve been struggling to get a call back from our agency, working as an onsite backup is a great way to build trust with us at Oxford Marketing. If you show up early and eager to work, we will keep track of your reliability and be sure to notice you when you submit future applications. On the flip side, if you are a late for your backup shift and/or ask us to find someone else to work when we actually need you, that’s a solid way to not get booked again.

You’re helping us maintain good relationships with our clients, which = more work for you!

If our event runs short staffed, that risks our business with that particular client. If we lose a client due to the bad work ethics of other staff, that’s less work for everyone. Sure, the client may just take their business elsewhere, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get the same rate or paid as quickly! (P.S. We pay our staff within 2 weeks!)

Backups save us a TON of stress from finding last minute replacements. 

When another brand ambassador no shows on an event, the booking coordinator has to drop everything and immediately work on rebooking. This may mean texting dozens of local BAs at 5AM on a Saturday morning (and let’s be real, not a lot of people are up that early) or frantically asking all other booked staff if their friends can come work. It’s not fun. At. All. When a backup is on site and ready to step in and work, you save your coordinator a lot of stress and heartache. And let me tell ya…that goes a LONG way in our book! (Can we say #newfavoritebrandambassador?!) A good backup will start getting the full bookings as much as possible when this happens, because we want the most reliable team we can get!

In short, we’re saying that we really love our backups.

We want to give a giant thank you to all of the Oxford Marketing backups who have saved us in a pinch. We see you, we recognize you, and we want to continue working with you. Don’t underestimate being an onsite backup just because it’s less money (at first) because in the end, you could end up making a lot more than just a coupla bucks.

Check out our awesome brand ambassador Jared in Indianapolis below! Jared was a recent backup BA who saved the day!

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