Your Brand is in Good Hands

At Oxford Marketing, we make it our priority to offer excellent customer service to our clients. Our events teams are highly trained to produce the best results possible! We also take pride in quick staff payouts, resulting in happy brand ambassadors who want to continue working with Oxford Marketing and our clients again and again.

What Others Are Saying

  • From the application process through the final report, Oxford Marketing was excellent in communicating expectations and supporting me as a team lead. Mandee was very pleasant as was her supervisor, Andrew. I felt that Oxford had my back throughout the five day outdoor activation, and this enabled me to focus on producing maximum event results. Plus, I received my paycheck within a week of the event. I would work for them again!

  • Oxford Marketing is a fantastic agency to work with! I’ve worked with them for about 3+ years and they have been amazing! The account coordinators are diligent and competent! Payment is always on time. Highly recommended!!

  • Working with Oxford Marketing has been a huge privilege! They provide great opportunities to the market with high end clients. Their communication before and after the event provided a great deal of comfort to know that we aren’t just new talent, we are part of a team!

  • You guys totally rock.  I just have to say – you know we deal with a number of agencies with this program – so I get to see all sides of the business.  And I genuinely enjoy working with you guys the most.  It is very clear that you guys pour A LOT of heart and soul into what you do, and I sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm, your hard work, your attitude – everything.  I feel you guys really aim to seek out keen and eager staff, you treat them well – and in turn that reflects on our experience with them.  Thank you for all you guys do!

Why Work with Oxford Marketing?

We pour our all into making your event the greatest experience. We want our clients to work with the best promotional staff in our roster, so we go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service to not only our clients, but also our brand ambassadors. Our belief is that ALL parties involved should be treated like an important part of the team, regardless of their role, which produces HAPPY brand ambassadors who can't WAIT to rep for your brand!

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