How to Impress a Staffing Agency with Great Photos

First impressions are important.

Would you show up to a job interview wearing only half of your outfit?

Would you wear sunglasses during your conversation?

Would you have the interview in the bathroom by your toilet?

If you answered no to these questions, then you shouldn’t be uploading these kinds of photos to your staff profiles either!

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Leal Productions to highlight a few Do’s and Don’ts of Brand Ambassador / Promotional Modeling submission photos, and reviewed them in a before and after lineup below. Remember, your images are the first thing an agency sees and you want to make the best first impression possible!

1. Tattoos

While promotional agencies know that most tattoos can be covered, and we personally hire plenty of staff who do just that, they can be a distraction in your photos. When in doubt, cover up for photos and go with a clean-cut, professional look to grab the attention of the hiring manager.


Model: Joey Triana \\ Photographer: Leal Productions


2. Sunglasses

If there’s something obstructing your face, we can’t see you! If you’d take your sunglasses off for an in-person interview, you should take them off in your application photos. Even though we can’t make direct eye contact with you through photos, it gives off a much warmer and approachable feel.


Model: Jessica Spellman \\ Photographer: Leal Productions

3. Look Happy!

If we were to choose only one of the photos below, we’d choose the one on the right. Smiles always win! Remember, our clients are looking for outgoing staff to promote their products. If none of your images appear to portray a friendly personality, you may be overlooked.


Model: Will Weirich \\ Photographer: Leal Productions

“Mentally place yourself in the situation you want to be in. I tell our models to project themselves and how they want to be viewed by the person reviewing them as a model, actor, or promo model. Your photos are part of your business profile, so projecting yourself how you want to be perceived is important!”

– Kyle Padden, Leal Productions

4. Take it easy on the selfies…

Just for fun, here are a few user-submitted selfies showing examples of what NOT to add to your staff profile. Thanks to everyone who sent these in!


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