August ’17 BA of the Month: Tasha Kankaanpaa

Tasha is an outdoorsy brand ambassador based out of Prescott, AZ. She has been a team lead for various Oxford Marketing events throughout the year, displaying excellent leadership qualities and receiving great feedback from our on-site clients. In addition to her love for working events, Tasha also enjoys trail running, backpacking and anything to do with the outdoors.
Congrats to Tasha K. for being selected as our August 2017 BA of the Month! She’s received an Amazon gift card as recognition for her outstanding work.

Your Name:

Tasha Kankaanpää

Primary City:  

Prescott, Arizona

How long have you been doing promos?

5 years

Do you have a favorite Oxford Marketing event that you’ve worked?

My favorite event was FIBARK (“America’s Oldest & Boldest Whitewater Festival) this summer in Salida, Colorado. I love the outdoors and this was a great event to be in that element. Our footprint was a block from the river and the city was surrounded by mountains, some still covered in snow. Many attendees were extremely interested in the RV brand we represented, which made for engaging conversation and awareness of the RV way of life.

What do you enjoy most about being in this industry? 

Being able to connect with people I normally would never meet is something this industry gives us an opportunity to do, which keeps me in it!  I’ve also been able to travel throughout the US and have constantly been learning and growing along the way.

In your opinion, what skills should every brand ambassador possess? 

An ability to smile and genuinely listen, timeliness, cleanliness, an attitude of embracing “no thank you,” an awareness of the brand you are representing, and no drama.

What are some hobbies that you enjoy when you aren’t working events?

Trail running has become a priority on event off days. The Grand Canyon is a solid run, sitting basically in my backyard, that I frequent a couple times a month. Crossfit, swimming, yoga, and backpacking come in next. I’ll be hitting up a 2 week backpack through Yosemite land in late summer.

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Instagram | Facebook | Strava App: Tasha’s on a Trail


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