Sleither Munoz – Brand Ambassador of the Month

Sleither is the kind of brand ambassador all staffing agencies want to hire – he’s super fun, always reliable, and works hard no matter what! His natural ability to connect with people and have a great time at every event makes him a top-notch addition to any promo team.

Congrats to Sleither for being selected as our BA of the Month! He’s received a $25 Amazon gift card as recognition for his outstanding work.


Sleither Muñoz

Primary City:

New York City

How long have you been doing promos?

I have been doing promos since my junior year of College. I was the SUNY Oswego Collegiate brand ambassador for Monster Energy Company. I have been doing promos for about 4 years now.

Do you have a favorite Oxford Marketing event that you’ve worked?

NYC: NHL Classic – TV Network Promo

Sleither representing Oxford Marketing in NYC during freezing temperatures!

What do you enjoy most about being in this industry?

I enjoy the networking aspect of it. Introducing yourself to so many people opens up the door for opportunities in the future. Being part of this industry makes me want to wake up everyday, makes me want to do more, makes me want to influence and empower other, internally and externally. Everything about this industry is super exciting.

Sleither working with Oxford Marketing in Syracuse NY

In your opinion, what skills should every brand ambassador possess?

Every brand ambassador should be a leader and Innovative. They should be energetic,
motivated, and a social person who thrives off of turning every event into a new adventure.

What are some hobbies that you enjoy when you aren’t working events?

I enjoy riding my bicycle and doing many spontaneous things that I haven’t done before.

If money weren’t an issue, what is one thing you would spend it on without hesitation?

I would spend it on my family and also traveling the world.

Favorite movie of all time: 

The Godfather


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