Joel C. – Brand Ambassador of the Month

Described by our clients as a “mighty” brand ambassador, Joel is the right guy for the job! His willingness to work at a moment’s notice, paired with his Army experience, has set him apart as an all-star BA for our military base promotions.

Congrats to Joel for being selected as our BA of the Month! He’s received a $25 Amazon gift card as recognition for his outstanding work.


Your name:
Joel C.

Primary City / Market:
Savannah, GA

How long have you been doing promos?
For around 7 years.

Do you have a favorite Oxford Marketing event that you’ve worked?
On post (military base) events are always fun because soldiers are happy to see you. Plus I served in the Army and it’s good to see and interact with fellow soldiers.

What do you enjoy most about being in this industry?
All the amazing people I meet, and even thought sometimes its hard work, it is always a fun and active job.

In your opinion, what skills should every brand ambassador possess?
I believe that BA’s don’t need to be an extrovert, instead they have to posses empathy and charisma. Being sociable and be able to talk to every single person like you know them for years. That’s how we attract people and in consequence make them like the brand we are promoting.

What are some hobbies that you enjoy when you aren’t working events?
Working out (a lot) – sometimes twice a day. I like to go hiking and being outdoors, travel anywhere, and taking cool photographs.

If money weren’t an issue, what is one thing you would spend it on without hesitation?
Travel! I would travel everywhere in the world and experience everything I can.

Favorite movie of all time:
The Great Gatsby! I believe I was born in the wrong era, I should have live in the Roaring Twenties.


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