January ’18 BA of the Month: Abisola Akins

If you’re looking for event staff with a “can-do” attitude, Abi is your gal! With 10 years of experience in the industry, she jumps in READY to do anything she is tasked with. Recently completing a 3 day event for Oxford Marketing in the cold, outdoor winter temperatures, it was clear that she was going to push through and give her best no matter what!

Congrats to Abi for being selected as our January 2018 BA of the Month! She’s received a $25 Amazon gift card as recognition for her outstanding work.


Abisola “Abi” Akins

Primary City:

All of them (lol), but seriously – Atlanta

How long have you been doing promos?

I’ve been in the industry since my senior year of high school. My very first promo was when I was 17 years old working for Maybelline. I continued to BA, but rather sporadically in between school and working at the hospital, then left the hospital to continue to pursue marketing full time. Ten years later, I’ve been able to BA for guerrilla events, conventions, trade shows, tour, manage, and more.

Do you have a favorite Oxford Marketing event that you’ve worked?

Uhhhhh the [College Football Playoff Championship in Atlanta] of course!!! Imagine getting paid to dance and have fun!!!! What!!! Where do they do that at???? It was amazing.


What do you enjoy most about being in this industry?

I love being able to make people happy and travel while doing so. There’s no better happiness than relishing in the happiness of others.

In your opinion, what skills should every brand ambassador possess?

I feel like every BA should have a ” I can do it” attitude because it gets everyone far and through the event. Great energy is always good and just punctuality.

What are some hobbies that you enjoy when you aren’t working events?

I absolutely love volleyball and started getting back into fitness so the gym is a happy place as well.

If money weren’t an issue, what is one thing you would spend it on without hesitation?

I’d work towards getting everyone housing and food. A lot of people in the world go without basic necessities- I hope one day to be able to effect change whereby less people would be in need.

Favorite movie of all time:



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