December ’17 BA of the Month: Tori Alexandria

When it comes to Oxford Marketing promotions in the Toronto market, Tori is one amazing brand ambassador! Her perpetual happiness spreads to everyone around her, and we can’t help but give her serious brownie points for helping us make our events a success!

Congrats to Tori for being selected as our December 2017 BA of the Month! She’s received a $25 gift card as recognition for her outstanding work.

Tori Alexandria

Primary City:
Toronto (Canada)

How long have you been doing promos?

I’ve been doing promo modeling, print/editorial modeling, brand ambassador and corporate hostessing for about 8+ years now.

What do you enjoy most about being in this industry?

It’s an amazing way to meet new people, network, and learn about many of the different brands, products and companies you get to work with. It’s also a great for people like myself who like to have a flexible schedule and work environment. Every day working as a promotional model/ BA is different. You get to work in different places which gives you many opportunities to travel and work with a variety of different people each time (hence now having friends all over the world) which is pretty cool. No two jobs are ever the same. Not to mention the events you get to work are usually always super fun and interactive, which is great for all those outgoing social butterflies out there – I, for a fact, am on Team SOCIAL!

Do you have a favorite Oxford Marketing event that you’ve worked?

I recently worked an Oxford Marketing event in Toronto for the 2017 Major League Soccer Cup (Toronto FC vs. Seattle). And woooow this was by far my favorite event with this agency to work! Not just because I am a die-hard soccer fan, or the fact my team TORONTO defeated the opposing team 2-0, but because of the energy this activation brought to the table. I worked alongside two other girls and two other guys who were just great, the team spirit was phenomenal and working with these Oxford team mates made the shift go by so fast.

Everything from the communication with my booker from Oxford, to the energetic tour manager, and even the clients on site – they were all very clear and pleasant. Oxford set up our whole team so we were ready before the day of the event and prepared for anything that came our way. The team was happy, the clients were happy, and the attendees loved our booth set up and freebies we handed out. Most positive activation I have ever worked in all my years of experience in the industry!

In your opinion, what skills should every brand ambassador possess?

In my personal opinion, if someone would like to make a success of their brand ambassador position; these are the skills they should have:

1) You need to be outgoing, energetic and talkative. You have to also not be shy and timid because this would be a huge barrier and make it difficult to draw attention to what you are promoting. Be outgoing!

2) Have a deep understanding of how to promote and draw attention to new products and services. ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH about the brand, company and or products/ services you are promoting.

3) Remain friendly, upbeat and positive even when working long hours. You need to be positive in every situation, and be positive about what you are promoting. If you believe in it, others will as well!

4) Balance customer needs and company demands. Effectively build loyalty with the consumers, the clients, your team and the person booking you (your agency). COMMUNICATION IS KEY HERE, always communicate so you are all on the same page and organized to achieving all activation / event goals.

What are some hobbies that you enjoy when you aren’t working events?

I quite enjoy traveling! It’s really fun to just hop in a train, plane or automobile to explore different countries and experience different cultures. I live for hot weather, ocean waves, white sand beaches, palm trees and overall island vibes…it’s in my blood. Growing up I use to live on an island and beach days were every day (I quite miss that nostalgia). I also work in the music industry part time doing social media, photography and public relations/label management for select artists, which gives me many opportunities to hang out back stage and experience music-filled live moments.

If money weren’t an issue, what is one thing you would spend it on without hesitation?

If I somehow woke up one morning and found out I had an endless amount of unlimited money, life would have reached perfection for me. I would probably buy a vacation home on an island somewhere off the coast, upgrade to a Hummer H2 or an Audi RX8 Spyder. Maybe buy a yacht and name it Seabreeze? I’d also give a big portion of money to each of my family members and best friends so they were set up nice for the rest of their lives to live luxuriously. I am a shopaholic, BUT moving away from all the materialistic things in life, I would also like to spend some of that money helping global causes. For example: helping to save marine life and clear up the oceans and helping people in need in third world countries that don’t have the luxuries we take advantage of every day. I’d donate money to these causes so they can get clean water, food, houses to live in, electricity, education, and healthcare. If we all came together to help these causes, we could make this world a much better place.

Favorite movie of all time:

It’s hard to narrow it down to just one, as I’ve had many favorite movies in my lifetime of watching them, from the top of my head, a few of my faves worth mentioning are:

1) Step Up
2) Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift
3) Take The Lead


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